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Bird Spotting

Bird Watching

Over 850 bird species have been recorded in Vietnam. Many are common and easy to see in the wild, while others are rare and difficult to find.

If you are interested in Bird watching we can provide you with all you need to mount successful Bird watching Day Trips and Expeditions:-

Trained Guides

We provide trained local guides. They are experienced in exploring the areas where the birds live and now the habits of the birds. Our guides will get you close to the birds so you can study and photograph. Some of our more experienced Guides can actually imitate bird calls so well they can attract the birds, an old Highland Hunting technique now used for more ecologically friendly purposes!.

Bird Species Identification

Identification used to be a real problem for us; the Local Guides only knew the Vietnamese names for the birds, now thanks to Bird Life International Vietnam www.birdlifeindochina.org we can accurately identify the birds you will see on our trips. On all of our trips the guides carry the Bird Life Vietnam Species Identification book, a highly comprehensive and informative book charting all major bird species in Vietnam.    

Specialist Equipment,

We can provide specialist equipment to help enhance your Bird Watching daytrip or expedition. We can provide Binoculars, Waterproof Cameras and Tents etc. Basically, everything you might need to mount a long expedition in to the forest.

Maps & Logistics

We have an extensive map collection of the remote areas of Vietnam that we conduct our day trips and expedition tours. This combined with specialist local knowledge means we know where we are at all times, even in the remote forests of Daklak and Yak Don. We can provide all of your transport requirements to get you too and from the bird watching sites. 

River, Coastal & Remote Area Exploration

We know Nha Trang and the Central Highlands very well. We have specialist equipment to help you get close to the birds in remote River, Coastal and Highland Areas. Our specialty is inflatable boats; we use the boats to access remote wetland areas in the Highlands and along the coasts. Our small 2 man inflatable kayaks for getting up close to the birds. We can also arrange larger boats for river and coastal exploration

Permissions to enter Restricted Areas

Much of the best bird watching in Vietnam is to be found in remote and restricted areas such as the Cai River Valley in Nha Trang & the Yok Don National Park in Daklak. We know what areas are open for tourism and exploration. We also have contacts with all the right Government agencies to organize permissions to enter the restricted areas.

 Friend of the Bird Life International Vietnam Organization www.birdlifeindochina.org. We recently learned about this Hanoi based Environmental NGO. They are great! Especially their communication Expert Ms. Hanh! Birdwatch Indochina is a non profit organization committed to protecting Vietnamese birds and the environments in which they live. Please help and support this organization….do not let Vietnam turn into another Taiwan!

 Day Trips and Expeditions

 Our main areas of operations are in the Cai River Valley Nha Trang and the Yak Don National Park area in The Central Highlands. We can also offer logistical support for bird watching expeditions in the form of equipment and guides in most of Central Vietnam. Here are some of the birds you will see.


Shamrock Adventures

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